In this article, you will learn how to translate products using WPML and Wc Builder. If you use WPML to create a multi-language website and you want to translate products and their layouts too, here is how to do it.

When you go to the product editing page, you have 2 options to build the layout:

1- Select a save layout to be applied to this product or

2- Use the description builder to build the product layout.

1- Select a layout.

If you choose this option, you will need to translate both the product and the layout. Watch this screencast to learn how to do that.

a) Translate the layout.

Go to Divi Library, next to the title of the layout, click the plus icon.



You will go to the translation screen, translate what you want and check all the “Translation is complete” checkbox,  Save & Close.



Now, you have your layout translated, we will need to get the translated layout ID, to do that, go back to Divi Library -> Select the layout you just translated -> From the admin menu at the top, select the other language



Copy the post ID from the page link as shown in the screenshot below.



b) Translate the product

Now, you have translated the layout successfully and have the translated layout ID, keep this ID because we will need it in a second. Go the product editing page -> select the layout you want – if you didn’t do that already – and Update.

After updating the page -> Translate the product by clicking the plus icon in the languages box.


On the translation screen, translate the product as you like.



On the translation screen, scroll down and add the translated layout ID as in the next screenshot. Check the “Translation is complete” checkbox, Save & Close and you are done.

Now every translation has its own layout. This is very helpful if you want each translation to have a completely different layout, just add the layout ID in that field “Single product divi layout”.




2- Use The Description Builder.

This is the easy way to translate product, it is pretty straightforward just like any other page on your website. Watch this screencast to learn how to do it.


Go to your product editing page, select “Use the description builder”, build your product layout as you like and save.



After that, click the plus icon in the languages box to add your translation


Translate the product as you like, Check the “Translation is complete”, Save & Close and you are done.