If your website has got some products, but the shop page and/or the search results page are not displaying any products, usually, this is because you have modified the shop page on the back-end, I’m talking about the shop page under your Admin Dashboard -> Pages -> Shop ( or whatever you call it ).

Modifying this page or even activating Divi Builder on it will break WooCommerce workflow and no products will be displayed. Sorry, but this is how WooCommerce and Divi work together.

So, you may ask, if I can’t modify the shop page, how can I customize it using the WooCommerce Builder plugin?

The answer is:

1- Use Divi Library to build your shop and search layouts as explained here and here.

2- From the plugin’s settings page ( Wc Builder -> Shop & Archive tab ), select your created layouts for the shop and the search pages.

3- And again, keep the shop page itself empty and don’t even activate Divi Builder on it. Keep the default WordPress editor.

Divi Library is the place to build the shop and the search layouts, not the shop page itself.

Keep it empty

If you are using Gutenberg, keep the shop page like this

If you are using the classic editor, keep the shop page like this

According to WooCommerce Docs, “The Shop page is a placeholder for a post type archive for products. It may render differently than other pages in your install.”

So, it is not a regular page; it is an archive page just like categories and tags, the page ( under Pages -> Shop ) is just a placeholder that needs to be empty and any content inside it, will break your shop and search pages on the front-end.