The Archive Products module displays products based on the current page automatically. This means, if you add the module to the shop page, the module will display products from all categories.

If you use the module on a “Clothing” category layout, the module will display products from this “Clothing” category only, not any other category.

If you use the module on a “Music” tag layout, the module will display the products under the “Music” tag only, not any other tag.

So, you can NOT specify which category or tag to display, the module works like Divi’s “Dynamic Content“, it displays its content based on the current page.


This limitation is done on purpose! Why?

To maintain full compatibility with 3rd party plugins that affect the archive pages like “filters” plugins.

The module uses WooCommerce’s default PHP loop to display the products and changing this will have side effects on other plugins.


A Workaround?

If you want to display products from a specific category, you have 2 options:

– Use Divi’s built-in Shop module and you will have the option to select a specific category.

– Or use WooCommerce [products] shortcode like this [products category=”CATEGORY-SLUG-HERE”] you can read more about the shortcode here.



It is planned to provide a more advanced shop module that will give you the option to select specific categories and a lot of other interesting features. No ETA at the moment.