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Generate an invoice

Go to your account page -> Orders History tabs, next to your order, click “Invoice”, a PDF file will open in the browser, you can save it or print it.   If you want to modify the invoice details or add your VAT or TAX number, go to “My Profile” tab and edit your...

License & Subscription

Using Your License on Staging, Dev and Localhost Sites

All of our licenses allow you to use them on development or staging domains without counting towards your site activations limit. However, your domain name must reflect one of the allowed TLDs or Subdomains. TLDs that are considered as dev or staging: *.dev *.test...

Deactivate a license on a website

If you used your license key on a website and at any point, you found yourself wanting to remove this key from this website and maybe use it on another website, go to your account page -> Websites tab -> Click on the website -> Deactivate.   To reactivate the license...

Upgrade or cancel your subscription

50% OFF! Upgrade now and get 50% OFF any plan, Hurry up this offer is very limited! Use the coupon code BlackFriday 2 simple ways to upgrade 1- Upgrade from your account page. 2- Upgrade from the Plugin's...

Activate the plugin with your license key

To receive automatic updates just like any other WordPress plugin you download from, you need to activate the plugin with your license key. Upload the plugin to your WordPress website, activate it, after activation, the license activation screen will open, add...

Get Your license key

To get your license key, log in to your account page -> licenses tab, you will see a list of all of your keys, hover over the key and click “Copy License...


Can't reset my password on Freemius
  1. Make sure you are using the SAME email address you used to order the plugin before.
  2. Try to refresh the page before you login.
  3. Try another browser or clear your cache.
  4. Try to reset using this link.
  5. Contact me if this is not helping.


Upgrade the WC Product Builder

If you have the WC Product Builder plugin, remove it from your website and upload the new WooCommerce Builder 2.0 as a new plugin.

Upgrade the BETA to the Final Version

If you have the BETA version installed, remove it from your website and upload the new WooCommerce Builder 2.0 as a new plugin.

What is Freemius?

Freemius is our new licensing and automatic updates system. Read more about Freemius HERE.